Inyo & Mono County’s Choice Digital Marketing Service

Located in the town of Mammoth Lakes (elevation 7,881 feet), 7881 Marketing is the Eastern Sierra’s one-stop shop for all digital marketing needs. We specialize in keyword research and analysis, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM/PPC). We also have extensive experience in demand generation, social media marketing and customer relationship management. Utilizing these digital marketing practices, we can boost your website’s visibility, increase qualified inbound traffic as well as provide an overall improved visitor experience. Schedule a free one-on-one consultation today to learn more about how 7881 Marketing can take your business to the next level.

How Does 7881 Marketing Increase Traffic to My Website?

Potential customers are already searching online for what you offer, however, they may not be able to find you. To ensure that doesn’t happen, we simply need to do an in-depth keyword analysis of your business and website. From there we’ll be able to make sure your website is relevant to potential customers’ searches and also deploy search engine marketing campaigns to support your website’s overall visibility. After the launch of the campaigns, it’s a matter of reacting to the incoming search data and optimizing your content so that future potential customers continue to find you and your business.

What Does the 7881 Marketing Onboarding Process Look Like?

7881 Marketing Process Diagram.PNG

What Kind of Businesses Does 7881 Marketing Serve?

We are confident we can provide an in-depth keyword analysis for any kind of Eastern Sierra business. In other words, we can promote any kind of business online. Some examples of businesses we serve include:

  • Real Estate Agencies and Property Management Companies

  • Home and Condo Cleaning Services

  • Bike and Snowboard Rental Shops

  • Restaurants and Breweries

  • Pet Grooming and Pet Supply Services

  • Dog Sitting and Dog Walking Services

Why Should I Consider 7881 Marketing?

We have an intense, sincere desire to help you and your business. We have a straightforward, communicative and educational approach to digital marketing. We understand that you have a business to run, and may not have the time to fully dedicate yourself to your marketing ambitions. And coming from a background of business owners ourselves, we appreciate the need for strong third-party relationships.

Some other 7881 Marketing perks:

  • One-on-one consultation is free

  • Month-to-month contracts, no long-term commitments

  • Local business, dedicated to Inyo and Mono County

  • Customer service oriented approach to digital marketing

  • Complimentary keyword analysis post consultation

Want to Learn More?

Whether you’re ready to schedule a free consultation or you simply have a few questions, let’s chat!